What is the National HPV Vaccination Program Register (HPV Register)?

The National Health Amendment Act 2007 (National HPV Vaccination Program Register) was passed through parliament in 2007 to allow the establishment and maintenance of a National HPV Vaccination Program Register (the HPV Register), to support the National HPV Vaccination Program.

The HPV Register is maintained by VCS and is not a part of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR).

Information about HPV vaccination doses can only be notified to the HPV Register. The HPV Register does not record HPV test results.

Who has access to the data?

All personal information on the HPV Register will be kept private and confidential. This information is protected by law under the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Health Amendment (National HPV Vaccination Program Register) Act 2007. Identifying information on the Register will only be released to authorised persons with the consent of the individual or as required under the Act.

De-identified data (that is, information that cannot identify an individual) will be provided to inform policy making and research purposes to Australian, State or Territory governments and approved researchers.

If you want to be able to access data and information, contact the Register to discuss your requirements.

Refer also to the Privacy Statement

Is participation in the HPV Register compulsory?

Information about all vaccinations should only be reported to the HPV Register with the consent of the individual. Individuals may request removal of their details from the Register at any time by writing to the Register.

Will I receive an incentive payment for notifying the Register?

The notification incentive payment provided by the Commonwealth Government, as an initiative to encourage GPs to submit their HPV vaccination data to the Register, ceased in June 2010 and is no longer available.

GPs are encouraged to continue to notify Gardasil doses to the HPV Register despite the cessation of notification payments.

General practitioners should only notify doses that they have administered to the Register

General practitioners should not report doses to the Register that have been administered through schools or councils, or other general practitioners, as these will appear as duplicate data. For example if a consumer received dose one and two through school but a GP gave dose three, the GP should only notify dose three, as the vaccinator who administered doses one and two is responsible for notifying those doses.

If the nurse in the practice has given the vaccination what provider number should be recorded against the notification?

You should record the GP Medicare Provider number of the person who would normally oversee the patient.

Any records in medical software where you have recorded the notification using the nurse immunisation provider number and you are not able to amend the record(s) inside the medical software clearly handwrite the Medicare provider number on the report. If there is more than one instance of this on a report you need to do this for each record. Where you make hand written changes you need to make sure the writing is very clear and legible.

How do I enter and access information on line directly?

GPs can request on line access at any time by completing a Request for Online Access Form.

Access to the Register’s secure web site will enable general practitioners to:

  • Search the live national HPV Register data base to view a client’s HPV vaccination history
  • Access and view HPV vaccination Overdue Dose reports

Can I still access information if I don’t register for on-line access?

You will be able to access information via our Telephone Information Service on 1800 478 734 (1800 HPV REG).

If I have administered Cervarix can I lodge these notifications to the HPV Register?

The HPV Register is happy to accept Cervarix notifications. These notifications should be in the same format as the Gardasil notifications.