What is the HPV Register?

The National HPV Vaccination Program Register (HPV Register) is a confidential database that collects details about HPV vaccinations given in Australia.

What is the National HPV Vaccination Program?

The national Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program began in 2007 and is an Australian, State and Territory Government initiative. The Program provides the HPV vaccine free of charge to eligible children to protect against the most common types of HPV infection that can lead to HPV-related cancer and disease. The vaccine is provided free of charge for:
  • 12- and 13-year-old males and females through schools on an ongoing basis

 Vaccination involves three injections, usually given over a period of 6 months.

Why should I (or my child) be on the HPV Register?

There are three main benefits of being on the HPV Register.

  1. Completion Statements

    When the HPV Register is notified that you (or your child) have received all three injections, you will be sent a completion statement for your records.
  2. Reminders

    The HPV Register may send you a statement that will let you know if you or your child has missed a dose in the school-based HPV Vaccination Program.
  3. Future updates about boosters

    Current research shows that it is unlikely that booster doses of the HPV vaccine will be needed. However, if future monitoring of the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine shows that a booster is required, the HPV Register will use the information it holds in an effort to contact you to provide you with appropriate advice.

What are the other benefits of the HPV Register?

As well as the benefits to you (or your child), participation in the HPV Register will help the Government monitor how the HPV vaccination program is working and measure the effect of the program on HPV-related cancers and disease.

What information will be recorded on the HPV Register?

The information collected and stored on the HPV Register about you (or your child) will include:

  • name, gender, date of birth, address, indigenous status, and Medicare number of the person receiving the vaccination
  • name and address of the parent or guardian (if the person receiving the vaccination is younger than 16 years)
  • details of each vaccination dose given
  • details of the immunisation provider

How will information be collected by the HPV Register?

Information about HPV vaccinations given in schools will be provided by state and territory governments to the HPV Register as part of the vaccination program. Information about vaccinations given in the community will be provided to the HPV Register by the health professional who gives the vaccinations.

Do my vaccination records (or my child’s records) have to go to the HPV Register?

Information will only be provided to the HPV Register with the consent of the individual or their guardian. If you do not wish these details to be sent to the Register you should indicate this at the time of the vaccination. You can withdraw your information from the Register at any time by writing to the HPV Register.

Who will have access to my information?

Information stored on the HPV Register will be held confidentially and the privacy of each individual is protected by law. Vaccination providers may be authorised to access an individual’s details if required for health care purposes.

Non-identifying information (that is, information that does not identify you or your child) may be provided to Australian, state and territory governments and researchers for policy-making or research purposes with appropriate approvals. No-one will be able to identify individuals from the information provided by the HPV Register for this purpose.

In future, personal and vaccination information held on the HPV Register will be cross-referenced with information from the Pap test registries (in the case of females) and cancer registers that are currently maintained by state and territory governments. This will allow the government to monitor the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing HPV-related cancer.

Is the HPV vaccine included in the list of immunisations required to be eligible to receive family assistance payments under the No Jab, No Pay policy?

The No Jab, No Pay policy commenced on 1 January 2016.  For parents to continue to receive family assistance payments (Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement), children and young individuals up to the age of 20 years must be fully immunised, be on a catch-up schedule, or have an approved medical exemption.  The HPV vaccine is not included in the list of immunisations that are required to be eligible to receive family assistance payments and is therefore not affected by the No Jab, No Pay policy.  Information about immunisation and family assistance payments can be found on the Department of Human Service website at:  www.humanservices.gov.au/immunisation.  Information regarding the immunisation status of your child can also be obtained from the Department of Human Services through the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.